Does it stay or does it go?

Real Estate

It's always fun to answer challenging questions about the legalities of real estate, but the most common question from both buyers and sellers is, "Does ___ come with the house?".  The answer is yes and no.  The basic rule of thumb is that if it's nailed, bolted, buried, screwed or permanently attached in any manner, it is no longer personal property and belongs with the house. A few examples:


-Brand new, stainless steel refrigerator stays, doesn't it? Not so fast... unless otherwise stated, refrigerators are not considered part of the home. But if you want to leave it to sweeten that deal for your buyer, don't fret!  Run to Best Buy and pick up a new stainless steel one with french doors for yourself for less than $1100! 


-Great grandmother's chandelier that's a prized family heirloom? Better take it down if you don't want it to sell with the house.  Run to Home Depot and grab this chandelier for less than $120 and have it hung before that first open house!



-Wall-mounted TV's are everywhere now, what happens to them? This is a tricky one. While the bracket holding the TV is permanently installed and stays with the home, the TV can easily be removed and is considered personal property. With the rapid advancement of Smart TV technology, it might be best to buy a new one anyway. Like this 55" Smart LED 4K Roku TV for less than $400 at Best Buy!   



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