The Good Souls of Avery Ranch


You really did it this time, Avery Ranchers... and we couldn't be more proud of your generosity!

Three weeks ago we announced a campaign that Coldwell Banker was leading, Soles4Souls, whereby we would collect gently-worn shoes to help lift those out of poverty. Laura and I were happy to help by soliciting contributions on the neighborhood FB page. How many pairs of shoes did we expect to collect? 10 pairs? Maybe two dozen? We didn't really know...

The excitement began the very minute our solicitation was posted as neighbor after neighbor reached out with their intention of leaving shoes for pick-up. Then there was more. And even more after that...

We proudly delivered MORE THAN THREE HUNDRED-FIFTY pairs of shoes to our Austin headquarters! We can't begin to imagine the impact you all have made for those less fortunate. We're so happy to live, work and serve in this community- thank you for all you have done and continue to do, Avery Ranchers!